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Yacht charter Greek islands

Bodrum to Cyclades Islands

Bodrum Amargos:  Bodrum that the eastern and the western port of rising castle on the peninsula formed by the merger and the two ports coast lined white houses, Gumbet and the sea in the narrow streets of fame yachts spread throughout the world, is a famous region with shipyards. Bodrum is a White that bears all colors and also internalizes them. It rains different here and also the sun rise different and sets completely different. Wind blows different, sea smells else. Bodrum is the naughtiest, the haughtiest, the most inert, the most beautiful, the most honest and the most frank child of Nature Mother. Amorgos is an island which has white houses, crystal clear water and a peaceful atmosphere. Even though it is a very small island, there are quite a few things to see. The locals are very friendly and they are working hard to make the island look its best at the beginning of each season. The snorkelling in Amorgos is great, especially at Mourou beach but also at Agia Anna. You can also enjoy long walks through the harsh but impressive nature. A lot of people like fishing here, and there are various donkey rides offered. If you are in Amorgos during July and August, there are several traditional cultural festivals that taking place during the celebrations of several local saints with the participation of the locals. They will cook traditional foods of Amorgos that later will be offered to the attendants after the blessing from the priest.

Amargos Ios:  Amorgos in Aegean Sea, is one of the the Greek islands into Cycladic group. It is one of the the easternmost islands of the Cyclades, It is located in the centre of the Aegean Sea and its shores are sandy and extremely beautiful. The people engaged in agriculture, fisheries and shipping. The few products of Amorgos are cereals, wine, oil, figs and tobacco all excellent especially the tobacco and beans are in demand. Ios is an really nice  island in the Mediterranean during whole the high season of July and August and offers beautiful scenery and magnificent views during the off season for a peaceful and relaxing holiday. There is something for everyone on Ios island, dance the night away in the clubs and bars or relax and watch the beautiful sunset from some of the amazing locations on the island.

Ios Santorini:  Ios is part of the Cyclades in the Aegean Sea. This beautiful Greek island is located between Naxos and Santorini and most of the tourists visiting Ios find accommodation either in the old town, Chora, or at one of the two closest beaches Mylopotas and Yialos next to the port of Ormos. Most of the beaches are secluded so All beaches on your own and you can enjoy yourself pleasurably. Santorini is one of the most popular and unique in beauty islands of Greece belongs to the Cyclades. Santorini is famous for the romantic sunset,the volcano and the luxurious resorts. The sunsets at Santorini, viewed from the Caldera, really are breathtakingly beautiful when seen as a backdrop to the volcano. During the evening, all the terraces of the privileged cafes at the edge of the caldera filled with tourists, that are coming to enjoy a drink as the sun sets over the deep blue Aegean.
Santorini Folegandros: Santorini is an extraordinary dream, at sunset. The wild beauty, the fascinating Caldera, the gold sunset. Enjoy yourself during a sea excursion with a catamaran, a sailing boat or a gulet. Folegandros is one of Greece's most enticing islands has become fashinoable but still it's an untouched piece of true Greece. Folegandros is an island of moderation. Folegandros is located at the southern side of Western Cyclades, Karavostatis is one of the most popular tourist’s resorts of the island and also the island’s harbour.
Folegandros Sifnos: Folegandros is a small and quiet island and time seems to have stopped here. Natural beauty, imposing vertical cliffs, deep blue sea and secluded beaches, clear blue and green waters make the island different than the others. While the island inhabitants are busy with tourists in high season, life is calmer in winter. People deal with agriculture and fishing. Sifnos, the island of Apollo, is part of the Western Cyclades group of islands. Sifnos lies in the Cyclades between Serifos and Milos,West of Delos and Paros, about 130 km from Piraeus. The island's rich clay veins,sunny weather and temperature have made Sifnos a capital of pottery in the Aegean,with unique jars and pots that are a ''trademark''of the island.

Sifnos Serifos:  Sifnos has an exquisite dreamlike quality. A string of three whitewashed villages, anchored by the capital Apollonia, sit like pearls along the crest of the island. Sifnos is known forn  pottery, basket weaving and cookery. The island hibernates October to Easter and in high season it attracts the chic set. The changing light kisses the landscape and as you explore the flanking slopes of the central mountains you'll discover abundant terraced olive groves, almond trees, oleander and aromatic herbs. Serifos is one of the most traditional islands of Cyclades with graphical sceneries that can impress even the most demanding visitors. You can travel to the island from the port of Piraeus by boat in 4 hours and 15 minutes. Thousands of miners abandon the island, which turns its economy towards tourism.

Yacht charter Greek islands

Serifos Syros:  Serifos in the late years shows a significant increase of tourism and is one of the most ideal destinations in Cyclades. The area reaches 75 square kilometres of which 10 are covered with beaches. Chora is the capital of the island. It is considered among the most graphic Cycladic areas with white windmills and paved alleys. Visitors enjoy the magnificent view from the north side of the island towards Kythnos. You can see Syros in the Northeast, East Paros, Sifnos in the southeast and Milos in the South side. Syros or Siros is a Greek island in the Cyclades. It's located 78 nautical miles(144 km) South-east of Athens. The largest towns are Ermoupoli,Ano Syros and Vari. Ermoupoli is the capital of the island and of the Cyclades. The main source of income is the maritime trade and commercial shipping. Also there are cotton fabric and garment factories and tanneries and shipyard in the island.
Syros Mykonos:  Syros is a very attractive island in Greece with distinguished culture,which capital Ermoupoli, is also the capital of Cyclades. With Ermoupoli being characterized as a town-museum, it is no coincidence that Syros in Cyclades, attracts numerous international travelers every year. Syros is not just another beautiful island, but an island with a vibrant culture and a strong passion for arts. Therefore, visitors should not neglect visiting museums and galleries, but should also relish walking around picturesque streets of traditional villages, and exploring gorgeous beaches and impressive caves. Mykonos is a Greek island,part of the Cyclades,lying between Tinos,Syros,Paros and Naxos. Mykonos' nickname is The island of the winds. Tourism is a majör industry. Widely known for its nightlife,Mykonos is called '' Ibiza of Greece'' for its summer club scene which attracts very large numbers of tourists every year. The island is also a well-known gay destination with a very vivid gay scene. Catamaran charter greek islands.

Mykonos Ikeria:  Mykonos  consists of  granite  and is connected to Cyclades islands in Aegean sea. This island is Greece's most famous cosmapolitan island a whitewashed paradise in the heart of the Cyclades. According to mythology, Mykonos was formed from the petrified bodies of giants killed by Hercules. During summer, Mykonos is one of the most crowded islands in Greece. If you are on a holiday in Mykonos take the opportunity to explore the tiny archaeological gem of Delos, just a short boat trip away. You may find many well-organized diving centers and stores specializing in diving equipment. Explore the island on a caicque or a boat and discover secluded beaches, or take a boat tour around the nearby islets, which are also ideal fishing spots. Icaria is a Greek island in the Aegean Sea, 10 nautical miles (19km) southwest of Samos. It derived its name from Icarus,the son of Daedalus in Greek mythology, who fell into the sea nearby. The principal town of the island and seat of the municipality is Agios Kirykos. The historic capitals of the island include Oenoe and Evdilos.
Ikaria Patmos:  Ikaria is one of the middle islands of the northern Aegean. The island is mountainous for the most part. Most of its villages are nestled in the plains near the coast, with only some of them on the mountains. Icaria has a tradition in the Production of strong red wine. Many parts of the island,especially the ravines, are covered in large bushes, making the landscape lush with green. Icarian Greeks are closely related to other Aegean island Greeks, such as Greeks from Samos, Chios, Fournoi Korseon and Patmos, as well as Greeks from Anatolia. Patmos is a small Greek island in the Aegean Sea. Patmos' main commonities are Chora and Skala, the only commercial port. A place with intense spiritual character, Patmos in Greece is mostly famous as the island of Apocalypse. This is why there is a large Monastery of Saint John above Chora, the capital of the island. This monastery is surrounded by strong walls and looks like a fortress. Chora is a great place to walk around the paved paths and enjoy a view to the Aegean Sea. The most tourist place of Patmos island is Skala, while relaxing beaches are found all over the island. Holidays in Patmos can be combined with Leros, as the distance between the two island is very short. Catamaran charter Greece.

Yacht charter Greek islands

Leros Kalymnos:  Leros is a Greek island and mucipality in the Dodecanese in the southern Aegean Sea. A mountainous, green island with high cliffs and many small bays and villages, Leros is a popular holiday resort which still has kept most of its geniue atmosphere. One of the reasons is that it is not too dependent on tourism. Many of the buildings on the island are built in Italian style, but you'll also find those typically Greek little White houses with blue doors and windows. The people on the island live off agriculture, some work in the island's hospitals, and in the summer, tourism is another source of income. Because Leros has a very large natural port, many sailing boats and luxury yachts arrive here in the summer, giving the island an international and cosmopolitan flare. Leros has Marinas in Lakki and Partheni, both with capacities for hundreds of yachts. In panteli and Vromolithos many yachts mooring for the night of for a couple of days. The island takes part in the Aegean regatta every summer. In Lakki there is a sailing school while in Xerokampos there is a diving school. There are many beaches on Leros. Most popular and touristy is the beach of Alinda. The beach of Gurna to the West is one of the few sandy beaches on Leros, in the same area are the beaches of Kokali and Drymonas. Small taverns, restaurants and cafes where the local fishermen enjoy their ouzo, fishing boats and nets in a place where the tourism has not change its traditional way of life. People here live off fishing and selling sponges, tourism and some farming: fruits, olives and vegetables are grown in the valleys. There are also beekeepers here and Kalymnos honey is known in all of Greece. The people of Kalymnos have a different and strong dialect from the other inhabitants of the Dodecanese some they say that is due to their Doric roots. The only sandy beaches on Kalmynos are on the West coast Elies and Kantouni. The nightlife on Kalmynos is quite good and varied. Most bars, restaurants and cafetaries are in Pothia, Myrties and Masouri. There are many restaurants along the promenade of the port in Kalmynos. Taverns with local specialitiesyou will find as well in Horio. There are several shops on the island where you can get a famous Kalmynos sponge. You should also get a jar of the local honey.

Kos Bodrum: The green and lush island of Kos is an island of many choices where you either can spend your holiday on a quiet beach in a laid-back village or party all night in the bars and clubs. Kos or Cos is a Greek island of the group of the Dodecanese next to the Gulf of Gökova/Cos. The principal town of the island and seat of the municipality is Kos town. There are water sports on many beaches. Also there are many  excursions offered and apart from going to various beaches, you can also take daytrips to Rhodes, Nissyros and Pserimos as well as to Turkey. The most popular beach on Kos is Paradise beach, a long, beautiful sandy beach. There are sun beds, water sports and is a good place especially for families with children. Kos is reputed for being one of the best party islands, with bars and clubs, as well as beachparties. There is a wide range of taverns and restaurants, and you can get Greek as well as international food. Most places are in Kos town, but you'll also find many little taverns in the villages, as well as on several beaches. You can make  the sightseeing round  of the town of Kos with the small train that stops at the port, opossite the taxi station. There are also Daily cruises to Turkey,Pserimos and other islands. Bodrum is a resort town in Southwest Turkey and it's one of the most popular holiday destinations. The unique nature, history, entertaintment and friendly Turkish people made Bodrum one of the most visiteed destinations in Turkey. Halicarnassus, Bodrum is the birth place of Heradotus, the father of history. Bodrum Castle, built by the Knights Hospitaller in the 15th century, overlooks the harbour and the marina. Bodrum has a diverse foreign and Turkish community. Bodrum is popular for good reason - it offers a fabulous quality of life! The prices of properties, holidays and costs of living are certainly rising, but they are still very reasonable in comparison to the UK and many other countries. Vibrancy and colorfulness cahnging every hour of the day as well as the utmost charm of the night life is  Bodrum's main character. Bodrum nights are experienced with utmost charm  in the bars that music of all kinds can be relax from jazz to tavern music.

Yacht charter Greek islands

Marmaris to Dodecanese islands

Marmaris:  Marmaris is a port town and tourist resort on the Mediterranean coast, located in Muğla Province, southwest Turkey, along the shoreline of the Turkish Riviera. Marmaris' main source of income is tourism. It has an  exceptional location between two intersecting sets of mountains by the sea, though following a construction boom in the 1980s, little is left of the sleepy fishing village that Marmaris was until the late 20th century. It is also a centre for sailing and diving, possessing two majör and several smaller marinas. It is a popular wintering location for hundreds of cruising boaters, being also served by the nearby Dalaman Airport.

Symi:  Symi is a Greek island and municipality. Symi is part of the Rhodes regional unit. Symi has the most beautiful harbour in Greece and is a tiny island of Dodecanese that amazes visitors with the calm atmosphere and the fabulous architecture. The beaches of the island are small but clean. An interesting sight is the Monastery of Panormitis, on the southern side of the island. Ideal for families and couples, Symi can be visited for vacations or a day trip from Rhodes. Especially the main town is a true marvel, with Brown and yellow houses constructed on the slopes of a hill and offering fantastic view to the sea. Lovely beaches and villages are found in a walking distance from the port, offering nice chances for hiking. An interesting places to visit in Simi is the Monastery of Taxiarches, on the South of the island, that is considered the protector of the locals.
Nisyros: Nisyros is a volcanic Greek island and municipality located in the Aegean Sea. It's part of the Dodecanese group of islands, situated between the islands of Kos and Tilos. With few tourist facilities, this is the iedal place for total calmness and privacy. Nisyros island is mostly famous for its still active volcano that is found in the center of the island, the youngest volcano in Greece. Mandraki and Nikia are the most picturesque villages in Nisyros Greece, with traditional architecture and great views. The beaches are clean and due to the limited visitors they have a relaxing atmosphere. The island can be visited for holidays or as a day trip from Kos. Also holidays in Nisyros can be easily combined with other islands of Dodecanese, as there is Daily ferry transportation in summer.

Tilos:  Tilos is a small Greek island and municipality located in the Aegean Sea. It's part of the Dodecanese group of islands, and lies midway between Kos and Rhodes. The capital of Tilo is Megalo Horio, located in the interior to the North of the island. Tylos's main port is Livadia, southeast of Megalo Horio. The beaches are unorganized and ideal for total privacy. Tilos can be visited for holidays or as a day trip from another Dodecanese island.

Halki: Halki is a small island of Dodecanese and is very close to Rhodes. Not much developed in tourism but this is a perfect destination for peace and privacy. The only village and main port of the island is Nimporio. Halki can be visited for holidays or as  a day trip from Rhodes. Halki's primary industry is tourism, although fishing is also significant. Halki is one of the smallest islands in the Southern Aegean. At all four the waters are some of the cleanest in the Southern Aegean and, with the exception of Yiali where the still waters sometimes belie some stronger undercurrents, they provide excellent swimming for all ages.

Yacht charter Greek islands

Alimnia: Alimnia is one of the Greek islands of the Aegean Sea and is located between Halki and Rhodes. Excursion boats leave regularly the port of Nimporio in Halki and the port of Skala Kamirou in Rhodes to transfer tourists to Almania, so that they enjoy a trek around the island and a relaxing swim in the crystal beaches.

Rhodes: Rhodes is the largest island of Dodecanese islands and was famous worldwide fort he Colossus of Rhodes, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. With 300 days of sunshine per year, Rhodes island is mostly famous fort he romantic Old Town and the amazing beach resorts. The Old Town is among best preserved Medieval Towns of Europe, with strong walls, paved paths and elegant stone mansions.  A drive by the island will bring you to magnificent beaches, impressive sightseeing and picturesque villages. A lovely place is Lindos village with the Acropolis on top. Places worth seeing: Rhodes Jewish Museum, Rhodes Archeology Museum, Rhodes Art Museum, Rhodes Beekeeping Museum. Rhodes old town center, Ruins dating from ancient times, Lindos village, St Pauls bay Lindos, Agathi becah Haraki, Cambika beach Rhodes, Pefkos Beach Pefkos.

Marmaris:  Marmaris is a port city on the Mediterranean coast, located in Muğla country, southwest Turkey. Marmaris' main source of income is tourism. Compared to Bodrum, Marmaris has clean sea and green lush forest. It's the most familiar holiday resort taht is known by European tourists and has the biggest marina of east Mediterranean ans sport complex. Amos (Turunc), Bybassos, Kastabos and Phoenix take place among the well-known ancient cities of Marmaris. Many lovely islands located in the open coast. This beautiful place smells history and nature with deep blue sea and lush pine forests which has extraordinary beauty bays 40 minutes away to Rhodes.